We are an imperfect church for imperfect people. At Imagine, we embrace a casual atmosphere. We believe in a "come as you are" mentality. We don't believe that we are a perfect church, but want all of us to experience inspired new beginnings that change us through Christ as we recognize and respond to Him.

Our Sunday mornings are characterized by great worship music, a participatory and inviting style that helps people connect to their Creator, and relevant, challenging, and inspiring Bible teaching. The services are designed to be a space where you feel welcomed, accepted, and comfortable while being invited into the powerful presence of God among His people in worship. The teaching from the Bible is so engaging that you enjoy listening, so practical that you understand how to apply it, and so challenging that everyone in the room, wherever they are along their spiritual journey, is moved to take steps toward God and live more like their Savior. Sundays also provide time to gather together in community, have fun, and encourage each other.



One of our core commitments is to provide exciting, high-quality ministry and resources to families. We want to create a space where Sunday morning at Imagine Kids is the best hour of every kid’s week, and we want our kids and students to meet Jesus so powerfully that they are excited to invite their friends to come to church with them. We believe in providing a safe, inviting, and fun place for your children to learn and discover more about God. We are also passionate about providing resources and coaching to parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. because we know that families are the best influencers, teachers, and disciple-makers in the world. Additionally, we will provide times throughout the year for families – and for all generations who are a part of our church – to worship together during our Family Worship Services. 



We teach and talk regularly about living and giving generously out of the gifts that God has given us and we put our time, our talents, and our treasure where our mouth is. We are committed to being a revolutionary force of Christ’s love in the Otsego Area by giving to the needs around us.

Our generosity and our commitment to giving of ourselves for the sake of the God who has given us everything fuel outreach and evangelism. Our call is to go and give not gather and wait. We are passionate about sharing Jesus with our world to help people meet him and follow him fully, and we're also passionate about showing his love to those around us. We look for ways to partner with organizations in the community who are making a difference, regardless of whether or not our values align.