Welcome to the home page for our Rhythms sermon series. We are so excited that you have chosen to join us in this 5 week process of helping to develop rhythms in our life to grow closer to Christ! On this page you will be able to find resources to aid you in the process of developing these rhythms, everything from zoom calls, ways of helping you to establish accountability for this series, external articles, can be found here. The good news is that you can join at ANY time. Even if you miss a week or two, each of these weeks is designed to help you grow regardless of if you have been following along since week 1 or are just joining us starting in week 3.

Whether it's week 1 or week 3, if you haven't yet, start your journey by taking this assessment: 


Sunday morning

Each Sunday morning during this series Pastor Josh will be introducing the rhythm we will be focusing on for that week. You can watch our Sunday morning services live on YoutubeFacebook, and Online Church. If you miss a Sunday, don't worry, we will have it for you to watch below as well.


Week 2 Challenge

This week, and all those that follow, we are challenging everyone to engage in 5 minutes of prayer everyday using the P.R.A.Y. method: praise, repent, ask, yield. Use this time to allow God to work in your heart as you intentionally spend time with him.

Community opportunities

Week 2: Prayer

At Imagine we believe that we are better when we are together, and so we want to provide multiple opportunities throughout the week for you to interact with other people as you are helping to grow in each of the five areas we are covering in this series.

  • Prayer and worship night

    Join "together" with others on Tuesday May 26th for a night of prayer and worship via facebook, and youtube. The night of prayer and worship starts at 8pm and is going to be a powerful night to help you experience Christ, we hope to "see" you there! 


Assessment of Spiritual Rhythms

We encourage you to take some time to assess the spiritual rhythms of your life right now. Go down this list slowly and take time to process where you are at in each area. A 1 indicates little to no experience practicing that area and a 10 would indicate that you are regularly participating in that rhythm.

Take your assessment here

Resources for Praying

If you want to dive deeper into understanding prayer, this is a 5 day devotional with scripture that talks through how to pray effectively.


Another great rhythm to develop in prayer is praying with scripture. This is a 10 day devotional that walks you through praying over fears with the truth from God’s word. Praying God’s Truth Over my Fears - 10 day study


Family Activity

Do a prayer drive or walk in our community! Gather your family together and go on a walk/or drive. As you walk, stop at different places to take turns praying for people in your community and neighborhood. 

  • Schools - pray for kids this summer, teachers and leaders

  • Essential workers - food service, retail, healthcare - pray for their health and their families

  • Businesses - pray that God continues to bless the business

  • Churches - pray for the pastors and that people will be come to know Jesus

Sign up for text accountability: Text ImagineRhythms to 555888


Praying with Preschoolers

Praying with your Family